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Welcome to The Fat Loss Puzzle website.

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We decided to launch the site to promote an eBook in response to my sister's chronic ill-health as a result of failed multiple diets, which led her down the final desperate path to gastric bypass surgery and the associated health complications.

The diet industry is not called “the most successful failed business in the world” for nothing and this is by design rather than incompetence; after all they need your repeat business to keep the money wagon rolling along, by preying on people's desperation, insecurity and vulnerability.

The Fat Loss Puzzle is different; as well as NOT being a diet, we DO NOT want your repeat business. We only want to put right the physical and mental damage that has been caused by the diet and associated industries, which are short on truth and lack transparency as well as being endorsed by compliant governments.

We have always known that money rules the world, but never realised how much to the detriment of people's health and wellbeing until we embarked on this journey 2 years ago.

Therefore we have made it our mission to guide people in the right direction by separating the wheat from the chaff in a well researched book, which covers all the relevant factors in permanent weight loss, health and wellbeing.

Hence the need for eight comprehensive and enlightening chapters, which dispel the lies and deceit perpetrated by the diet, health, food and pharmaceutical industries in collaboration with governments.

The book could really be 8 mini books rolled into one, offering a detailed, but easy to follow plan to solve the puzzle of a THINNER, HEALTHIER AND HAPPIER YOU.

The knowledge and wisdom you glean from this book will put YOU in the TOP 1% in terms of knowledge on permanent weight loss, health and wellbeing. The site will also provide an ongoing resource for those who buy the book, where we will endeavour to add new articles of interest and relevance, including new, fat burning, tasty, cost effective and easy to prepare recipes on a weekly basis.

I am completely confident that the two years of research culminating in the creation of The Fat Loss Puzzle will give YOU the confidence and inspiration to take back control from the manipulating marketing gurus that I have decided to offer a 60 day money back guarantee with no exceptions.


Oh, one final thing; in the spirit of practicing what you preach, I lost 16Kg in 6 months (from 88Kg to 72Kg) following the simple techniques in the book and more importantly have sustained the loss since July 2012.