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We are a new UK based website committed to helping people achieve their long term weight loss and health aspirations by teaching them how to avoid the pitfalls of the diet and associated industries.

To achieve our challenging goal, we have written an eBook, which has been thoroughly researched and written in an easy to understand language, dispelling the myths and inaccuracies that pervades the UK’s (and farther afield) diet, food, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

We are committed through the website and eBook to inform the misinformed on a continual basis, challenge the status quo and strive for transparency. Most people lead busy lives and do not have the time to check and research every aspect of diet and health claims they read about in the media or they may not have the confidence to challenge what they have been conditioned to believe is true; it can be a case of “follow the sheep” or “everyone else is doing it, so it must be right”. Unfortunately, the marketing gurus understand these two human predicaments and in the quest for profits, take full advantage of the poor souls who buy their products and services. The golden rule is “question everything and assume nothing”.

The Book 

bookThe book is not a diet, but more of a lifestyle change and is the culmination of two years research in an effort to separate the facts from fiction and uncover the real science behind weight loss and general health, which the diet, nutrition, food, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries don’t want you to know since they are making billions from fat, sick, stressed, depressed and tired people.

There is no conspiracy theory in the book, but you could be forgiven for thinking the whole thing is a conspiracy due to the blatant tactics of all the aforementioned industries.

The knowledge in permanent weight loss, general health and wellbeing you glean from this book will put you in the TOP 1% of the population; the reason being the book could be 8 mini books, but is condensed into one with just the right depth of relevant, accurate information to be informative, but not overwhelming. You will no longer have any call for overpriced, misguided diet plans or diet meal suppliers or diet anything for that matter.

The book covers 8 chapters:

  • The Diet Industry – We take a look at the industry including the myths and reasons why diets don’t work, which they won’t tell you because they want you to keep coming back for more emotional and physical turmoil to keep the money machine ticking over.

  • Physiology and Eating – Looks at the multiple factors, which lead to obesity and ill health and what you can do to negate these factors with simple modifications to your lifestyle.

  • Psychology and Eating – Outlines the psychological aspects of cravings, addictions and overeating and strategies to cope with this impulsive, obsessive behaviour while you fix your physiological balance.

  • Foods – Takes a detailed look at the food industry and the dirty tricks they use to confuse and deceive you as well as what we should be eating and some food myths that may surprise you.

  • Foods and Disease – In this chapter, we look at foods including supplement type foods and their ability to prevent and treat a multitude of diseases instead of poisoning ourselves with ineffective and dangerous drugs, peddled by the pharmaceutical industry by way of bullying the medical establishment and the government into over-prescribing their drugs.

  • Lifestyle – We look at the key lifestyle factors other than diet, which influence weight loss and general health and wellbeing.

  • Solving the Puzzle – In this chapter, we put it all together bringing the key strands from the previous chapters into a cohesive plan for solving the puzzle for permanent weight loss, increased energy, improved moods, improved self-esteem and confidence.

  • Recipes and Meal Plans – This chapter has 100 recipes with pictures to get you started on a new eating style for maximum fat burning along with 3 sample meal plans. The recipes are reasonably cost effective bearing in mind our desire to eat specific types of food, as well as being relatively easy and quick to prepare.

Everything you need is in the book or blog and there will be constant updates with any new helpful ideas or findings, be it a new recipe or idea, an alternative treatment for a disease; anything that is deemed relevant in our journey towards a new YOU.

The Fat Loss Puzzle is not your average diet book; it contains much much more such as:

  • Anti-ageing protocol, AgeLESS™
  • Diabetes protocol, DiabetiX™
  • Anti-cellulite protocol, CelluLESS™
  • Exercise protocols, some taking literally minutes as part of the FitSMART™ programme
  • Breast cancer prevention protocol, BreastSHIELD™
  • A protocol for resetting (re-sensitising) a key weight loss hormone
  • A simple protocol to increase your fat burning by 300%
  • Cutting edge, alternative cancer treatments more effective and safer than conventional treatments
  • Strategies for reducing and eliminating the precursor to most preventable diseases
  • A protocol for preventing fat storage when moderately consuming alcohol, Alco-gain-X™
  • Techniques to deal with the destructive emotional/comfort eating problem, largely ignored by other diets.