• Nutritiongoing-vegan

    The Beginners Guide to Going Vegan

    Going vegan can provide many health benefits. Vegans have a much lower risk of type-2 diabetes than do meat-eaters – in fact, it’s not even close. Research has also shown that vegans have a slightly lower risk of cancer by virtue of our diets. Vegans also have, on average, lower…

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  • Fitnessweight-training

    A Girls Guide To Weight Training

    One of the biggest misconceptions about weight training is this myth that it will cause women to “get big.” This couldn’t be further from the truth. On the other hand, many women who “lift” weights constantly pick up the same 5-pound dumbbells week after week and wonder why they don’t…

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  • Health & Wellbeingthe-magic-of-coconut-oil

    The Amazing Benefits of Coconut Oil

    Coconut Oil is my favorite (and most heavily used) beauty product! I use it for just about everything and I’m loving the results! I have been able to save myself hundreds of dollars on skin moisturizers and hair conditioners with one big $25.00 jar of organic coconut oil alone. Twenty-five…

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  • Nutritionwhat-clean-eating-means-to-me

    What Clean Eating Means to Me

    These days it seems like there’s a lot of different opinions as to what the term “clean eating” means. If you browse through some tagged photos on Instagram or briefly through your twitter feed, you can easily find some recipe that claims to be “healthy” and “clean”, but contains overly…

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  • Health & Wellbeinghealthy-habits

    12 Healthy Habits You Should Adopt For 2021

    It’s common to set goals for the new year, but what about new habits? Creating healthy habits in your life can help you grow toward your goals naturally. The ability to change your habits empowers you to boost your productivity as well as your quality of life in a sustainable…

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